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Congratulations to DTS for successfully signing the Germany pet food project

dts retort.retort autoclave.DTS for successfully signing the Germany pet food project...


Congratulations to DTS for successfully signing the Germany pet food project

Someday, with our sail piercing the clouds, we will mount the wind, break the waves, and traverse the vast, rolling sea.

"InnovationWonderful Life", "Strive to build DTS as an ideal platform for employees to realize their own value and contribute to the society" is our unswerving pursuit. DTS never forget its original intention and adhered to the development path of "innovation, progress, and pragmatism". In the background of the epidemic situation and global economic downturn, DTS members united and broke through against the trend, and the frequent good news of market development. Recently, the international business "made a huge breakthrough", successfully won the order of pet food sterilization equipment in Germany, once again reflecting DTS's professional, concentrated, and dedicated development attitude, proof DTS "focus on sterilization and high-end" The correctness of the company's strategic direction proves to the world that Chinese equipment does not stand for "cheap and low qualityand lays a solid foundation for DTS to go to the world-class.

Rome was not built in one day. DTS people have worked together for more than 20 years, occupying 70% of the high-end market in the field of high-temperature sterilization of food and beverages in China, and completed more than 100 turnkey projects in over 40 countries around the world, with more than 6,000 batch retorts. 

Be well-grounded and speak up moderately. The DTS continues to explore, practice, summarize, and repeat, and finally make the design, production process, and after-sales service perfectly presented, dispelling customers' doubts about the quality of Chinese equipment; customer projects all over the world, for customers on-the-site visiting, identification authenticity provides more convenience; The performance of the operating status of existing customer equipment and the real and objective evaluation of DTS by customers have strengthened the determination and confidence of customers to cooperate with DTS. This contract comes naturally, including 3 set DTS P-1604 water spray retorts, one set loading and unloading system, one set trolley as well as the basket tracking system and central control system.

With the wisdom of the crowd, nothing is impossible. With the development of DTS and has become a well-known brand in China and overseas. It is all DTS staff who devote themselves to their duties, brainstorm ideas, give full play to their personal wisdom, and adhere to the combination with the company's strategy to achieve such achievements. Cohesion with strength and unity comes hope, we have been "focusing on sterilization, focusing on high-end" to provide guarantee for global food safety. We believe that with the joint efforts of DTS people, DTS will have a better future.