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DingtaiSheng / Cooperation with "China Beverage" Jianlibao

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DingtaiSheng / Cooperation with "China Beverage" Jianlibao

Jianlibao, the leader of China's national sports drinks, over the years Jianlibao has always adhered to the brand concept of "health, vitality", based on the field of health, and constantly promote product upgrades and iterations, while keeping up with the changing needs of the times. "Healthy drinks, healthy life" is the quality policy that Jianlibao has been adhering to for many years.

Dingtaisheng, as a technology leader in the sterilization equipment industry, works together with Jianlibao to protect the safety and health of "Chinese beverages".

In 2021, Shandong Dintaisheng established a strategic partnership with Jianlibao Group and Dintaisheng provided Jianlibao with three sterilization retorts and a complete automatic loading and unloading system. After close cooperation between Dintaisheng engineers and Jianlibao team, the project started on August 20, 2021 and was officially delivered on January 21, 2022.

Dintaisheng's main products are intelligent sterilizers (spray sterilizers, water immersion sterilizers, rotary sterilizers, steam-air hybrid sterilizers, experimental autoclaves) and material handling automation equipment and systems for low acid shelf-life stable beverages, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, baby food, ready-to-eat meals (pre-prepared dishes), pet food, etc. Since 2001, Dintaisheng has delivered 100+ turnkey food and beverage sterilization complete lines to 39 countries around the world, with 6,000+ units of batch sterilization autoclave.

Thanks to the support of Jianlibao Group to Dintaisheng, we will continue to work hard and purpose to import more high-end and efficient equipment to help our customers improve the quality of sterilization. We are willing to discuss new ideas of industry development with our customers to meet the needs of industry diversification and customer development, and Dintaisheng is willing to grow with you.

In the future, Dintaisheng will continue to accumulate technical strength, strengthen the R&D and manufacturing capacity of equipment,Winning through innovation, and provide solutions for customers with the most competitive equipment.