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Do you know what causes bagged products to swell after sterilization?

Bloated bags are generally caused by damaged packaging or food deterioration due to incomplete steri...

So have you ever thought that the sterilization temperature and sterilization pressure during your sterilization process did not meet the required sterilization standards? When using a sterilization retort, the sterilization time may not be enough, the temperature may not meet the standards of the product, or the temperature of the equipment may be unevenly transmitted during sterilization, which may easily lead to the growth of microbial residues and the formation of bulging bags. After the sterilizing pot is heated, because the effective sterilization temperature has not been reached, the organic matter decomposing microorganisms in the food multiply and produce gases such as carbon dioxide. This leads to the problem of bagged products swelling after sterilization.

Regarding the solutions to product packaging expansion bags, firstly, as a food manufacturer, we should strictly control the food production process, such as the control of the moisture, oil content and other ingredients of the food itself, as well as the control of the temperature and duration of the sterilization process; secondly, as a sterilization equipment Manufacturing companies must provide customers with appropriate sterilization products based on the different products produced by customers to ensure the smooth progress of their sterilization processes. In response to this, Ding Tai Sheng has a dedicated sterilization laboratory that can tailor a suitable sterilization process for you, help you test the sterilization temperature and sterilization time suitable for your products, and avoid the problem of bag expansion to the greatest extent.

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