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How are Sterilization retorts classified?

How to choose the right retort for your products,Dingtaisheng can come and help you with that....

Sterilization retorts are classified into the following 6 types based on the sterilization methods:

1. Water Spray Sterilization

2. Side Spray Sterilization

3. Water Cascade Sterilization

4. Water Immersion Sterilization

5. Steam Sterilization

6. Steam and air Sterilization

Based on the sterilization form, sterilization retorts are divided into 2 types:

1. Rotating Sterilization

2. Static Sterilization

The packaging form of the product determines the sterilization method used, while the content of the product determines the sterilization process. Therefore, when choosing a sterilization method, it is essential to consider the characteristics of the product to ensure an effective sterilization outcome.