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Several control modes of autoclave retort

Generally speaking, the control of retort is divided into four types, manual control type, electrica...

Generally speaking the retort is divided into four types from the control mode:

First, manual control type: all valves and pumps are controlled manually, including water injection, heating, heat preservation, cooling and other processes.

Second, electrical semi-automatic control type: the pressure is controlled by the electric contact pressure gauge, the temperature is controlled by the sensor and the imported temperature controller (accuracy of ± 1 ℃), the product cooling process is manually operated.

Computer semi-automatic control type: PLC and text display are used to process the collected pressure sensor signal and temperature signal, which can store the sterilisation process, and the control precision is high, and the temperature control can be up to ±0.3℃.

Fourth, the computer automatic control type: all the sterilisation process is controlled by PLC and touch screen, can store the sterilisation process, the equipment operator only need to press the start button can be sterilised after the completion of the retort will automatically prompt the end of the sterilisation, the pressure and temperature can be controlled at ± 0.3 ℃.

High-temperature retort as a food production enterprise essential food processing equipment equipment, for the improvement of the food industry chain, to create a healthy and safe food ecosystem has a pivotal role. High-temperature retort is widely used in meat products, egg products, dairy products, soy products, beverages, medicinal food health care products, bird's nest, gelatin, fish glue, vegetables, baby supplements and other food types.

High temperature sterilisation kettle consists of kettle body, kettle door, opening device, electric control box, gas control box, liquid level meter, pressure gauge, thermometer, safety interlocking device, rail, retort basketssterilisation discs, steam pipeline and so on. Using steam as the heating source, it has the features of good heat distribution effect, fast heat penetration speed, balanced quality of sterilisation, smooth operation, energy saving and consumption reduction, large batch sterilisation output and saving labour cost.

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