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Water Immersion Retort

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Water Immersion Retort,autoclave,canned retort,retort in food industry,retort machine,retort,sterilization,sterilizer,Water immersion retort uses the unique liquid flow switching technology to improve the uniformity of temperature inside the retort vessel. Hot water is prepared in advance in the hot water tank to start the sterilization process at high temperature and achieve the fast temperature rising, after sterilization, hot water is recycled and pumped back to hot water tank to achieve the purpose of energy saving.


Working Principle

Load the full loaded basket into Retort, close the door. The retort door is locked through triple safety interlock to guarantee the safety. The door is mechanically locked throughout the whole process.

The sterilization process is automatically carried out according to the recipe of the input micro processing controller PLC.

At the beginning, the high-temperature water from the hot water tank is injected into the retort vessel. After the hot water is mixed with the product, it is circulated continuously through the large-flow water pump and the scientifically distributed water distribution pipe. Steam is injected through the water vapor mixer to make the product continue to heat up and sterilize.

The liquid flow switching device for retort vessel achieves uniform flow at any position in vertical and horizontal directions by switching the flow direction in the vessel, so as to achieve excellent heat distribution.

In the whole process, pressure inside the retort vessel is controlled by the program to inject or discharge air through the automatic valves to the vessel. Since it’s water immersion sterilization, pressure inside the vessel is not affected by temperature, and pressure can be set according to different packaging of different products, making the system more widely applicable(3 piece can, 2 piece can, flexible packages, plastic packages etc.).

In the cooling step, hot water recovery and replacement can be selected to recover the sterilized hot water to the hot water tank, thus saving heat energy.

When the process is completed, an alarm signal will be issued. Open the door and unload, then prepare for the next batch.

The uniformity of temperature distribution in the vessel is ±0.5℃, and pressure is controlled at 0.05 Bar.

●Uniform water flow distribution

By switching the water flow direction in the retort vessel, uniform water flow is achieved at any position in the vertical and horizontal directions. An ideal system for dispersing water to the center of each product tray to achieve uniform sterilization without dead ends.

●High temperature short time treatment

High temperature short time sterilization can be performed by heating hot water in a hot water tank in advance and heating from high temperature to sterilize.

●Suitable for easily deformed containers

Because water has buoyancy, it can form a very good protective effect on the container under high temperature state.

●Suitable for handling large packaging canned food

It is difficult to heat and sterilize the central part of large canned food in a short time by using a stationary retort, especially for food with high viscosity.

By rotating, the high viscosity food can be evenly heated to the center in a short time, and achieve effective sterilization effect. The buoyancy of the water at high temperature also plays a role in protecting the product packaging during the rotating process.

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Packing type

    Plastic bottle, bowl/cup

    Large size flexible packages

    Wrap casing packaging

Applicable fields

    Dairy: Tin can, plastic bottle, bowl/cup, glass bottle/jar, flexible pouch packaging

    Flexible packaging meat, poultry, sausages

    Large size flexible packaging fish, seafood

    Large size flexible packaging ready to eat meal

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