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Advantages of steam and air retorts

There are many advantages of the equipment of steam and air retort, and we will briefly introduce th...

Steam and air retort is to use steam as the heat source to heat up directly, the heating speed is fast. Unique fan-type design will be fully mixed with the air and steam in the retort as a heat transfer medium for product sterilization, the kettle steam mixed with the extension of the air duct to do the mandatory internal circulation, no exhaust in the process of sterilisation, sterilisation without cold spots, to achieve a uniform distribution of temperature in the kettle purpose. The steam and air retort has a wide range of applications and can be applied to a variety of packaging forms and products: flexible packaging, bottles, tin cans (canned chickpeas, canned luncheon meat, canned tuna, canned pet food, etc.), aluminium foil box packages of ready-to-eat meals, canned fish, coconut water beverages, and other products in need of high-temperature retort.

There are many advantages of the equipment of steam and air retort, which are briefly introduced below:

①Temperature control system can be selected linear and step according to different products and process heating mode. Steam and air retort will be fully mixed with steam and air, retort without cold spots, the temperature can be controlled at ± 0.3 ℃, excellent heat distribution.

② Steam is used to heat up directly without exhausting air to achieve the least steam loss.

③Reliable Siemens PLC fully automatic control system. In case of operation error, the system will automatically remind the operator to make effective response.

④ Pressure control system continuously adapts to the pressure change inside the package during the process, and the pressure can be controlled at ±0.05Bar, which is suitable for a variety of packaging forms.

⑤The heat exchanger is used for indirect cooling to prevent the secondary pollution of the sterilised products.

DTS is a member of IFTPS and has many North American customers, which makes DTS familiar with FDA/USDA regulations and the most advanced sterilisation technology.

(7) With power failure memory function, after the equipment power failure restart, can continue along the power failure before the sterilisation process for sterilisation, reduce product loss.

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